ALS Northeast Trust – Medical Center Fundraiser

Mission Statement

A receivership for donations and grant monies for the purpose of constructing a motor neuron research, treatment, and prevention center.  ALS patients will be given priority.

Short Term Goals

  1. To create a facility with accommodations.
  2. To provide comprehensive testing.
  3. To provide customized treatment.
  4. To assist patients with limited resources with travel arrangements; Angel Flight and commercial airlines.
  1. To recruit highly qualified staff including A.C.A.M. physicians.
  2. To subsidize treatment costs based on the patient’s income.
  3. To create an educational environment. Patients, families, and caretakers will be provided with in depth information regarding treatment protocols. 
  1. To create a support group for families and patients in order to share information and questions.
  2. Emphasis will be on screening patients for liver disease: Sonogram, Elastography, Aixplorer MACH, and ammonia levels based clinical findings that 76% of the patients had confirmed liver abnormalities. 


Long Term Goals

  1. Subsidized funding for administrative costs and staff cost [not covered by medical insurance].
  2. To create a model program with the goal of expanding nationwide.
  3. To obtain grants and donations for research, education, referrals, and treatment.
  4. To create out-patients testing and treatment for those with suspected motor neuron disease.



By check

Donations towards the construction of the center may be forwarded to:




Checks are made payable to A.L.S. NORTHEAST TRUST, [501] [c] 3

By PayPal or Credit Card